Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Laelia dayana 'Hartford' AM/AOS

Laelia dayana 'Hartford' AM/AOS - Flower photo by Richard LindbergI have had this Laelia dayana three years. I got it potted in sphagnum and clay from Steve Christoffersen. I moved it to the mount right away. Since then it has grown well and bloomed every year. It seems to like its location in the Napa greenhouse.

Laelia dayana 'Hartford' AM/AOS - Plant photo by Richard LindbergLaelia dayana grows in Brazil near Rio de Janeiro in a fairly broad range or altitudes, 1500-6000 feet. It is cool to warm growing blooms in summer. It does well mounted and needs a dry winter rest.

Famous and highly awarded, Laelia dayana 'Harford' AM/AOS remains one of the finest cultivars ever. A nearly black lip is off set by petals and sepals that remain less cupped then other inferior cultivars.

This plant is mounted on a 10x4-inch piece of cork bark and there are eleven pseudobulbs. The plant will not need to be re-mounted for several more years. I am hoping that the plant will develop more leads more leads. Two or three flowers open would be something.

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