Sunday, October 21, 2012

Oncidium Sugar Sweet

Oncidium Sugar Sweet - Flower photo by Richard LindbergMost people would perfectly happy with this Oncidium as a raffle prize, even a seedling. For me, it was a last choice of the plants on the table. But is was one of those nights where I had $20 invested and a lot of great plants were gone. I could have passed and let someone else have it, but I would likely gone home empty handed.

Oncidium Sugar Sweet - Plant photo by Richard LindbergThis commonly known as 'Dancing lady' and is the cross Oncidium Aloha Iwanaga x Oncidium varicosum. Oncidium (Onc) contains 600 species from throughout Central America and South America. Many of them do very well in cultivation.

The plant has been hanging out in the greenhouse for a couple of years and has now bloomed. It has been much over watered and was saved by the high temperature range. I am going to cut off the spike, re-pot it and move it to a better location. When the next growth cycle starts I will sell or give it away. I don't have room for a plant that will eventually have 4-inch pseudobulbs.


  1. Funny, my sweet sugar 'emperor' is in bloom and I'm taking it to an orchid meeting today.

  2. I might take mine, even with that tiny spike. But I hope to have other more interesting things in bloom in three weeks.

    Got a picture?