Sunday, October 14, 2012

Pholidota chinensis

I went to the NVOS meeting on Friday. On the member sale table was this Pholidota chinensis for $6. Normally I don't knowingly buy a duplicate but this was too good a deal. The owner said that she had not been able to bloom it. She assured me it was in bright light, but the leaf color tells the story. Compare it to my plant below.

My new Pholidota chinensis from the NVOS meeting

Pholidota chinensis - Flower photo by Richard LindbergPholidota chinensis - Plant photo by Richard LindbergThe genus Pholidota contains 30 species growing from India to South China, Malaysia, Indonesia, New Guinea into the Pacific Islands and south to Australia.

Pholidota chinensis grows in Vietnam, Burma, Hong Kong and southern China. It is warm to hot growing and fragrant.

My collection plant is high up where it is very bright and it gets water from the foggers when it is warm. It has bloomed well every year.

The new plant will be divided and planted in small teak baskets in sphagnum moss. I will have them for sale before the end of the month.

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