Saturday, October 6, 2012

Stelis argentata

Last year I got a Stelis argentata as part of a trade. It was a large, healthy division with an early spike on one of the stems. I re-potted it in pea gravel and was not shocked when the buds blasted. Normally I would wait to re-pot a plant ready to bloom, but my greenhouse is very wet and I would rather lose a spike than roots. It has paid off with lots of new growth and I am looking for spikes.

Stelis argentata has grown to fill the pot in a year - Plant photo by Richard Lindberg

Stelis argentata last year - Plant photo by Richard LindbergStelis argentata grows from Mexico all the way to Brazil at altitudes from 600 to 6000 feet. It is cool to hot growing and likes tropical rain forests. It needs low light and blooms late summer to fall. The genus Stelis contains 500 species spread through all of the tropical New World. Many of the species have flowers that need a brief period of direct sunlight to open.

The two pictures show that the leaves are a much lighter green than when I got it. That is not necessarily a bad thing, but in this case I know that the plant will flower in lower light than I provided. I am not planning to move it now because environmental changes can confuse a plant. In addition, the general light level is already quite a bit lower now that we are in fall.

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