Friday, November 30, 2012

Bulbophyllum Kalimpong

Bulbophyllum KalimpongBulbophyllum KalimpongBulbophyllum Kalimpong - Plant photo by Richard LindbergFrom time to time I see a plant that is quite inexpensive if priced on a per-pseudobulb basis. This Bulbophyllum Kalimpong was one of those. I was all like "If I divide this and sell the pieces I get a free orchid". That was two years ago.

It bloomed in June and I was sure that it was Bulbophyllum Kalimpong, the primary hybrid Bulbophyllum guttulatum x Bulbophyllum ornatissimum.

Yesterday I took it apart and here is what I got.

The top row divisions will go in individual pots while the whole bottom row will go in a community pot. These will share an inventory number since I plan for all but one to be sold next spring.

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