Monday, November 12, 2012

Got an Extra $1.5M?

The day I knew would come, has come. The Sonoma greenhouse is up for sale. There is more than a greenhouse, of course. It is a horse ranch with a house, a 20 horse barn, an arena and a lot of other horsey features. They had award winning Morgan horses. But the owner is 90 and needs to move to a better situation for her. In my non-expert opinion, a very good deal. A nice horse and orchid establishment for your vacation home in the heart of wine country.

This is a link to a out-of-date website for Sky Ridge Ranch.

The greenhouse is in need of some repair but nothing major. A handy person could take care of it for about $1000. I have put a couple hundred into it but couldn't do more since I don't own it.

Be it four months or a year, I will have to move out. I am OK if it is seven months since the Catts can be outside mid-May. At some point I will be forced to decide what I really want in my collection.


  1. Sorry to hear that your going have to move. I'm sure your a little bummed. Hopefully you'll be able to find another greenhouse to rent. Ive been following your site for a couple years now, I didn't realize that your Sonoma house was a rental..Gave me a great idea, Im getting to the point where I would love to find a greenhouse(have to be heated) around here(boulder,CO) to rent!

    1. Excellent blog I have just came across this and shall now be following with admiration.

      Do you both now have room to buy or build a greenhouse where you live ,just a thought.

      I have 2 greenhouses but my Orchids would not survive be too cold.

      But on another not my collection of 19 are delighting me with reblooms.

  2. I will be reducing my collection to fit in the remaining greenhouse. I have some moderately valuable plants and will be making some tough decisions.

    The question remains, do I have to do a "fire sale" or can I sell off in an orderly way through next spring and summer. This depends on when I actually need to get my plants out.