Sunday, November 25, 2012

I'm Sorry, Google

A couple of years ago I got a large Cattleya Gordon Duane Schaber 'Superb'. I didn't have any idea about what the flower looked like and tried to find an identifiable picture but there was only a bunch of pictures of lots of flowers that were not that hybrid and a few that might be. I grumbled about pictures without an "alt=" or a "title=" to identify them and then forgot about it.

Last week I gave one of the divisions to a friend. I thought I would check again to see if a picture of Cattleya Gordon Duane Schaber 'Superb' had been posted. I was shocked to find about 50 of my pictures, none of them Cattleya Gordon Duane Schaber 'Superb' right at the front of the search results. How could this be?

The answer turned out to be easy. The pictures were of flowers of all the plants on the index page that had the link to Cattleya Gordon Duane Schaber 'Superb'. None if the small index pictures had a title.

I have fixed that now. But I wonder how long the incorrect pictures will remain in the search results. Luckily I have a program that generates the website for me so it was fairly easy.

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