Thursday, November 8, 2012

NOID Epidendrum

This rescue was in good condition. There were a few flowers and the plant was fine. I took it to Sonoma to add this nice color to the display. The problem was that each week the plant looked worse and worse. I finally brought it back to Napa because I didn't know what else to do.

It has spent the summer in a bright but wet spot in the Napa greenhouse. I guessed it would not do well but I was wrong. There is lots of new growth and spikes developing. Orchids surprise me all the time.


  1. Ooh this looks a lot like mine (third photo in this link ) I really love this orchid it flowers for soooo long and after flowering it makes a lot of new growht. Sort of my favourite 'easy' orchid.

  2. Howeara 'Lava Burst' is a favorite also. Mine is mounted and the flowers last a long time.