Monday, November 19, 2012

Note From a Blog Reader

Nicolette writes:

Hi Richard,

I am helping to maintain an orchid house and when it comes to repotting I am mostly heart broke about how many good pieces just go to trash. Sad reality is and we stick to it, that even volunteers pay for every plant or single back bulb we wish to take home! However sometimes a little thing just clings to me and would not part and sure as hell it will be happily growing in my greenhouse there after!

As for my backbulbs, I have an Oncidium with "no name " which should hopefully flower soon because I have been growing it for a couple of years now and I am already excite what it will turn out to be. Also I got one of those Chia Lin Catleyas which grows very well just from a tiny little offspring and 2 Phalaenopsis keikies I am excited about right now.

I learned to propagate plants from cuttings as a kid in Germany and kept doing it. Eventually I came across a discarded orchid which then initiated my orchid fever.

A fantastic way of getting backbulbs for me though are the visits with friends or our local Orchid Club meetings and events. I give often babies away myself, that's part of my passion. It is not so much about prestige or AOS awards, it is more about seeing the plants grow what makes my heart melt! In fact my whole yard consists mostly of self grown plants.

My favorites are Vandas, Schomburkias and Dendrobiums, just because those grow best in my yard with the least amount of work so I have more time for some others in the greenhouse. Now that Pholidota you were writing about last seems to be white. I have one big ole Pholidota plant that is more a peach color. Flowers in summer and is totally care free! Don't I just love when a plan works out and my plants flower over and over.

Thank you for the note, Nicolette. The wonderful thing about orchids is that their reputation as being hard to grow is totally wrong. They are very hardy in anything like their native environment.


  1. Uma bela florada.`Parabéns pelo cultivo

  2. Dear Richard

    I am new to using backbulbs. I was wondering if you have or can post pictures of differente orchids of the backbulb eyes or where a new growth will form so that I can learn what to watch for when growing different backbulbs.