Thursday, November 15, 2012

Oncidium nudum

Oncidium nudum - Flower photo by Richard LindbergIt looks as if I am going to get a proper spike from the Oncidium nudum this year. While I never like to count my flowers until the buds open, I am hopeful. This will be real progress for this plant. In the time that I have been taking care of the plant it has had some serious challenges. I thought at one point that it would not make it.

Oncidium nudum - Plant photo by Richard LindbergOncidium nudum grows in northern South America in hot, humid wetlands. It blooms in winter and has an inflorescence that extends almost two feet.

This plant is mounted on a 6 x 14-inch piece of cork bark. There are five intact pseudobulbs and four damaged ones. The damage was from two separate rodent attacks. It seems that this plant is delicious. The rat/squirrel went past many other tender green plants to snack on this one.

Oncidium nudum spike from 2011, short with only a few flowersLast year the plant bloomed but with a short spike going off in an odd direction. After that I moved it to a spot where the base of the plant was a little less shaded.

Not only is the developing spike already longer than last year's, the pseudobulb is more like the proper size for this species.

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