Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Orchid Backbulbs

Over the past year I have re-potted several large Cattleya hybrids. Some of them were beautiful and showy NOID plants. The result was a lot of backbulb divisions. This has given me the opportunity to try some variations on backbulb culture looking for an answer a couple of questions; ""When is the right moment to pot a sprouted backbulb?", "What is the ideal size of a backbulb division?".

Here is a 4-pseudobulb Cattleya backbulb division. It was potted in clay and sphagnum the same day as it was cut. The oldest is nearest to the camera. It and the next oldest have turned completely brown and are dead. The PB on the right has a sprout and the one on the left has an active eye that looks very likely to sprout soon. We have two over-potted plants.

Watering will be tricky and a lot of sphagnum has been wasted. I would have been better off to sprout in rocks and pot in small pots.

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