Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Pleurothallis stricta

Pleurothallis stricta - Flower photo by Richard LindbergPleurothallis stricta - Flower photo by Richard LindbergIn 2008 I bought a big Pleurothallis stricta to divide. The idea being that I keep a division and sell the rest so I end up with a free plant. At that time the greenhouse was cooler more evenly wet. Since then I have been raising the base temperature and having a much dryer winter.

Pleurothallis stricta grows in Colombia and Ecuador in cloud forests at high elevations. It is cool growing, needs low light and even watering. The genus Pleurothallis contains More than 1000 species growing in all parts of the subtropical and tropical Americas. There are very diverse plants from moss-like plants to large ranging plants of several feet in height.

It is time to sell this off. The greenhouse isn't right for it any more. I don't want to repot and list it on eBay, it is too scruffy looking for that. And winter is upon us and I have had bad results with shipping in cold weather. I think my best choice is to pot the six small plants in sphagnum and put them down low in a place where I can hand water. Hopefully there will be some better looking leaves to go with the roots by then. The plants are healthy enough, they just look rough.

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