Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Pleurothallis stricta

I potted the Pleurothallis stricta keikis. There were six of those. I left one leaf on the original plant and re-potted it also. Today they go back in the greenhouse in a cool, shaded spot to see what will happen in the next four months while waiting for the start of the selling season on eBay.

Using foam peanuts to reduce pot sizeUsing foam peanuts to reduce pot sizeThese plants are quite small and a bit over-potted in 2-inch pots. A way I learned that reduces pot size and increases drainage is to fill the space with rocks of foam peanuts. For this, use the "bad", non-biodegradable form. The others quickly turn to slime.

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  1. these (incl the Restrepia you sent me) do quite well in my bathroom in the window by the shower. Frosted glass and eastern exposure. they get humidity from the heat pipe and from the hot shower. I get new leaves and some keikis from the 3 / 4 pleurothallids I have. Yours kept blooming for a long time, now it slowed down a bit (i get less light in the fall / winter on the east windows, more on the south windows. The opposite in the summer.