Monday, November 26, 2012

Rodriguezia decora

Rodriguezia decora - Flower photo by Richard LindbergRodriguezia decora - Flower photo by Richard LindbergI got this Rodriguezia decora at the SCOS potting party four years ago. It was two pseudobulbs with a 4-inch rhizome. I mounted it and it grew pretty well, the main challenge being the long rhizome. The plant grew away from the mount and off to the side.

Rodriguezia decora - Plant photo by Richard LindbergLast year I gave the main lead away and re-tied the plant to be closer to the bark mount. It is blooming, not the best I have seen, but still there are flowers. Since I removed the lead I am getting new growth from three locations on the plant.

Rodriguezia decora grows in Brazil in cool to warm mountain forests and grasslands. It is fragrant, needs bright light and blooms fall and winter. The genus Rodriguezia (Rdza) contains about 30 species mostly found in Brazil.

This plant is mounted on a 14x7-inch piece of cork bark. There are six pseudobulbs. It will be fine on the mount for a couple more years.

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