Saturday, November 24, 2012

Sophronitis cernua

I am happy to see the Sophronitis cernua blooming again this year. I got it in 2009 when I was attempting to fill in some gaps in my collection of commonly available plants from Brazil. I was concerned because it is a "water all year" plant and I am keeping the greenhouse dry in winter. Even so, It is growing well and has five flowers this year instead of only two flowers last year.

Sophronitis cernua grows in Brazil, Bolivia and Paraguay. It is warm growing and blooms in the spring. Give it bright light and water all year. The genus Sophronitis (S) contains only a few species growing in eastern Brazil and Paraguay. They are used in hybridization for their red color, small size and lower light requirements. They are the "S" in "Slc".


  1. Thanks! BTW, I have tried to comment on a couple of your entries but was unable to prove I was a human.

  2. é linda, tive um trabalhão para conseguir que uma mudinha pegasse, depois de ter perdido 3.