Sunday, December 9, 2012

Bulbophyllum Memoria Richard Mizuta

About eighteen months ago I bought this plant specifically to divide and sell. I saw this plant in the first few minutes of an orchid event and knew it would not remain unsold long. I thought it would divide into several good pieces and it had a flower and two or three buds. I don't have a flower picture because I did not secure the plant properly in my car to take home so the flower and all the buds were broken.

Bulbophyllum Memoria Richard Mizuta - Plant photo by Richard Lindberg

I have finally taken it apart. There are sixteen pieces with four of those what I would consider a decent size and shape. The plant has a long rhizome and a tendency to form a mat, growing every which way.

This is a primary hybrid, the cross Bulbophyllum lobbii X Bulbophyllum affine. I don't have my own picture but here is one showing the potential that Bulbophyllum Memoria Richard Mizuta has to form a pretty specimen.

I will pot these in plastic and sphagnum within the next couple of days. I will offer a couple of pieces as a free orchid, but wait for the post. No claims before then, please.


  1. Richard, I have been a fan of your site for over a year now but as of yet posted any comments. Did I miss the Bulb Mem Richard Mizuta. Can you help me with a place where I might purchase one? Thanks. I enjoy your blog. I have developed many orcids from back-bulbs, keikeis, and small cuttings that others were throwing away.
    Thanks and keep posting.

  2. Richard, I'll sell you a 5 PB piece for $10 plus shipping. I don't sell on EBay in winter because bidding is low, but mostly because of weather and plants getting left out in the cold.

    The piece will be bare root.

    1. That would be great. How do I pay? I live in Orlando so the weather shouldn't be too cold for shipping.

  3. Go to and email me using that address.