Saturday, December 8, 2012

Magic Words - I Grow Orchids

Out in the real world if someone says "What's the magic word?", most people think of "Please". But in the orchid world, using the phrase "I grow orchids" causes orchids to appear. FREE!

I got three yesterday from two different people. These are Big Box NOID Phals. I haven't looked at the roots just yet so I don't know how healthy they are. I will clean them and pot them in fresh sphagnum moss.

One of the plants had grown two flower stems. After flowering, one has turned completely brown while only part of the second has died. The green stem might branch out with a smaller stem at one of the nodes and have a few more flowers. These will be fewer and smaller than the original stem had and it is bad for the plant's long term health.

I will leave the stem on the plant until I get the roots cleaned off. If the roots are strong I will leave it on so that I can get a flower picture. If the roots are weak, I will cut it off.

If you want free orchids just use the magic orchid words and cheerfully accept whatever they offer. Some will be a lot of work and not a plant you really want, but some will be great. In the meantime, you will have the experience with rescues to be able to save any scrap of live orchid you get.


  1. I grow orchids! Or at least - I try. And I try to share them. I have some divisions of a lovely Cymbidium that I'm watching to be sure they survive. I have no other information on their specifity, but I can send photos. I know they're not your specialty, but they are hardy and gorgeous when they do bloom! I thought of offering a division to you, but since they're not Peruvian, I thought you might not be interested. If you'd like one, let me know.

  2. I grow orchids! I have a couple of full growns and several seedlings that have just started to take off. I would love to expand my collection!!

  3. We have a cute saying in Germany that goes like : The watchmaker of Wesselburen(small town) gave away lots of his Uhren (watches) now he can live on the Reperaturen ( repairs ).This is all the same with the sharing of plants, so rewarding.