Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sophronitis wittigiana

Sophronitis wittigiana - Flower photo by Richard LindbergSophronitis wittigiana - Flower photo by Richard LindbergAnother first time blooming plant! I bought this as Sopronitis rosea but have it cataloged as Sophronitis wittigiana because that is the name that uses. I consider that website my official source of species information. I rely on it and use it all the time so I subscribe, but it is free for anyone to use.

Sophronitis wittigiana - Plant photo by Richard LindbergSophronitis wittigiana grows in Brazil in tropical forests from 2000 to 6000 feet. Water well all year. It is cool to warm growing and blooms in winter. SYN: Sophronitis rosea. The genus Sophronitis (S) contains only a few species growing in eastern Brazil and Paraguay. They are used in hybridization for their red color, small size and lower light requirements. It is the "S" in "Slc".

This plant is mounted on a 1x4-inch piece of tree-fern. There are seven pseudobulbs. There is plenty of room for this very small plant to grow. I will put it back in the same spot but I am reminded that it needs more water than my winter watering will give it. I will be sure it gets some extra water.

I wonder if there is a way to get a flask of one or more of the other species. It would be fun to expand my Sophonitis species list and get some NBS mounts going for sale.

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