Friday, December 28, 2012

Southern Burner

I heat my Napa greenhouse with a Southern Burner Model A-1 Vented Orchid Greenhouse Unit Heater using natural gas. I has been very good and I would recommend it. It now needs a replacement burner and it is all my fault that it does. The installation instructions clearly state that the thermostat terminals need to be protected from water. I did not do that. But there is a lot of water in my greenhouse, especially in summer with the misters going.

Night before last I noticed the greenhouse temperature was heading towards 40f when I checked it a t 3am. I got the flashlight, a screwdriver and long fireplace matches and headed out to see what was wrong. The pilot light was fine but there was no connection to the thermostat. I played with it until I got too cold and brought out a electric heater.

After some more fooling around I decided to order the burner unit. Luckily the company is not on a 2-week vacation and the part is shipping today. The electric will keep the base temperature high enough until it comes and I can get Bob the Plumber to come by and install it.

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  1. Muito interessante.
    Parabéns pelos cuidados com as meninas.