Saturday, January 19, 2013


Have I mentioned that it is not good to use ink on labels? This Paph has a tag and I can see faint marks. No hope of reading any of it, though.

This will last a long time and become part of the decor in my living room. When it does finally finish I will clean it up to become a claimable free orchid.

But don't claim it now, wait for the announcement.


  1. Nice color. I have one warm-growing (mottled-leaf) purple colored Paph which hasn't bloomed in over a year. It now has 5 new plantlets.

  2. This would be my mother's favorite orchid! When ever she could make a wish this is what she got and this is what I grew up with on the dining table! This also started my interest in Orchids at an early age.
    Pretty plant - brings back good memories!