Tuesday, February 26, 2013

My Favorite POE Display

There are always lots of great displays at POE and this year was no exception. The theme was 'East Meets West' and some of the exhibitors had a challenge working the theme into their display.

For me, this display did the best job of matching the theme while staying focussed on the primary goal, to display orchids. These three pictures are of that display. Somebody please let me know who's display this is. I can't find my list.

The core of the display is a Wardian case. A fine display all by itself.

On one side of the Wardian case was a bowl of orchid from Asia.

On the other side was a bowl of orchids from the Americas.


  1. It is a very good idea as a design, I really like the east and west bowls with the wardian box in the middle. However don't they have to follow judging rules like color flow - whites up and reds low, as well as the proportion of plants and s.o.?
    I did a couple of displays over here in Florida and learned my lesson.

  2. Very beautiful display! This bowl with Sophronitis is just adorble. Thank you for sharing!