Sunday, February 17, 2013

Pacific Orchid Exposition

Pacific Orchid Exposition setting up

Pacific Orchid Exposition entrance displayPacific Orchid Exposition entrance displayThe Pacific Orchid Exposition starts next week. The displays go up Wednesday and the vendors set up and the displays are judged Thursday. The Gala with wine tasting, food and music is Thursday evening. The show runs Friday, Saturday and Sunday. IMO, Friday at 10am is the best time to go. Fewer people and booths fully stocked.

Andy's Orchids at POE

POE is the largest show west of the Mississippi. It is a huge venue, all orchids. Vendors are from all over the world. It is a chance to get species that will not be available at any other time.

I am on the ribbon judging committee again this year. We are judging displays and individual plants within the displays. It is a lot of walking because we have to leave the plants where they are.

If you are going to only one show, this is the one to see.

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  1. Good idea to post those things - somebody might be in your area! Not me though Unfortunately - just returned from a cruise to western caribbean. The display I put in at the Florida State Fair with some of our members just won 2nd place. I have posted pictures on Facebook.