Sunday, March 10, 2013

Osmoglossum pulchellum

Osmoglossum pulchellum - Flower photo by Richard LindbergOsmoglossum pulchellum - Flower photo by Richard LindbergOsmoglossum pulchellum - Plant photo by Richard LindbergI found this Osmoglossum pulchellum in bloom yesterday. I didn't remember anything about it so I looked on my inventory for notes. Nothing, not even a catalog entry. Just a date on the back of the tag.

UPDATE: I did a search in the blog for the species name and now know what happened. This was a backbulb division from fall 2009 that has finally bloomed.

Osmoglossum pulchellum grows in Mexico down into Central America in mountain forests above 3500 feet. It is cold to warm growing, very fragrant and blooms in the fall and winter. When spikes appear, set a stake since it will need support. The genus Osmoglossum (Osmgls) contains 7 species growing in Mexico through Central America in mountain forests.

This plant is in a 2-inch plastic pot. There are four pseudobulbs and it stands seven inches above the pot. I will up-pot the plant when the new growth starts.

The sphagum in the pot was rock hard. It took a good soak to get it wet again. My winter watering keeps the greenhouse very dry. I try to hand water the plants that need more even moisture, but I seem to have not given this one enough. Sphagnum takes a long time to get so dry that it will not absorb moisture when watered.

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