Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Brassia Rex

Brassia Rex - Flower photo by Richard LindbergBrassia Rex - Flower photo by Richard LindbergBrassia Rex - Plant photo by Richard LindbergBrassia (Brs) Rex is in bloom. I've seen better but I'll take any flowers right now. The greenhouse is pretty empty of flowers.

The last note I have on this plant is from fall 2007. I must have done something to it since then. On the other hand it needs maintenance, at least a cleanup and re-pot. I will do that during my work session in the morning.

I get back from my long dog walk at about 9am and make an effort to go right out and spend an hour doing orchid maintenance. If I wait until gets warmer I can easily talk myself out of doing the work. I have skipped a week selling on EBay and I need to get five plants selected and photographed if I am truly committed to the goal of a reduced collection by October.


  1. I think this is such an interesting flower. Fragrant, yes?

  2. I just discovered your wonderful blog while googling "identifying a brassia keiki" (I think I may have one developing but I'm not sure) Anyway, I love everything I've seen here so far!
    So educational!