Monday, April 1, 2013

Maxillaria variabilis

I had a great time yesterday at the Show and Sale. A couple of blog readers introduced themselves and we chatted for a bit. There was a nice group there for my session on backbulbs with lots of questions.

Maxillaria variabilis - Flower photo by Richard LindbergMaxillaria variabilis - Flower photo by Richard LindbergOf course I had to buy something. I found two Maxillaria variabilis plants at $5 each. I think I got a bargain. The flower photo is a little picture on a stick in the pot. That kind of thing really helps sell a plant.

Maxillaria variabilis - Plant photo by Richard Lindberg

Maxillaria variabilis grows in Mexico south to Ecuador. It is cool to hot growing and blooms throughout the year. The genus Maxillaria (Max) contains 650 some species spread throughout the tropical and sub-tropical Americas. They have a single flower. Generally warm to hot growing.

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I had a bit of a problem loading pictures on EBay on Saturday. I have figured it out now and more plants will appear at 4pm this afternoon.

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  1. You will love this species. Easy as pie and blooms its heart out mid winter with little flowers all over it. Good deal for those nice divisions.