Thursday, May 16, 2013

Barkeria spectabilis 'Bob Hoffman'

I mentioned on Saturday that I planned to sell my Barkaria spectabilis because I felt I had put enough effort into making it grow. Ted from Southern California wrote and ask about buying it. We made a deal and I sent it to him.

Barkeria spectabilis 'Bob Hoffman' in its new home in Southern California

Here is a picture of Ted's lathehouse with his new plant already re-mounted and ready for the growing season. It is located near the coast and should be a great climate for the Barkaria.

Thanks for the picture, Ted. It's off to a great start!


  1. Richard, I am so flattered that you published my photo. Thanks! I'll send more as the Barkeria progresses. Ted

  2. It is a really good photo. It shows lots of orchids and something about your lathehouse.

  3. Richard, considering the excellence of the photos you post, I take that as high praise indeed. Thanks again, Ted