Friday, May 3, 2013

Cattleya L011

Cattleya L011Cattleya L011This is the last piece of this beautiful but unlabeled Cattleya. And this is the free orchid for May. It comes as shown, un-potted. Even so, the plant and box comes to two pounds so postage will run about $11 to the east coast. This is a full-sized orchid with the pseudobulbs and leaves twenty inches long.

Cattleya L011 - Plant photo by Richard LindbergThe rules are the same as always: You pay actual postage and it comes Priority Mail. If you have not had a free orchid before, add a comment claiming it and then go to this page to get my direct email address so we can work out the details. "First time" restriction ends at 4pm PDT on Saturday the 4th. After that, anybody who wants it can have it. Continental US only please.


  1. The plant has been claimed. Thank you everybody. There will be another plant when the mood strikes.