Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Clay and Sphagnum

I have been potting my Catts in clay and sphagnum over peanuts for a couple of years now. I finished the conversion last year. The results have been mixed but generally good. I am finding now that those doing less well are plants that are over-potted.

This hybrid died back and has put all its energy into a single new growth. There are some roots and even though it looks as if it is still over potted in the 3 1/2-inch pot, I think it is right for the roots. Also, there is a layer of packing peanuts underneath so the sphagnum only goes a little over half way down.

Now every time I water a section of hanging pots I select a couple to re-pot. There are not really that many that need it so I should be done with this task this month.

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