Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Lycaste aromatica

Lycaste aromatica - Flower photo by Richard LindbergLycaste aromatica - Flower photo by Richard LindbergI sometimes say that having two pots of the same plant is not twice as much fun as having one pot. Lycaste aromatica is the exception. This is the first of these to bloom and I am loving it already. There are twelve buds coming from a single pseudobulb.

Lycaste aromatica - Plant photo by Richard Lindberg

Lycaste aromatica grows in Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Honduras with a scent of cinnamon. It is cool to warm growing along rivers in oak forests. The genus Lycaste (Lyc) contains 52 species of epiphytes, lithophytes and terrestrials growing throughout the West Indies, Central America, Peru and Bolivia.

This plant needs to be re-potted. I will do that right after the flowers finish in a month or so. The buds still need to develop and after they open they will last long enough to be lots of fun.

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