Sunday, June 16, 2013

Cochleanthes amazonica

Cochleanthes amazonica grows in the Amazon Basin in shady wet forests. It is cool to warm growing, fragrant and blooms through a long fall to spring season. The genus Cochleanthes (Cnths) contains 10 species spread through tropical America They need a shady and humid environment. The spot I had this plant in was too shady and humid.

Cochleanthes amazonica - too shady and humid

Cochleanthes amazonica - Flower photo by Richard LindbergCochleanthes amazonica - Flower photo by Richard LindbergCochleanthes amazonica - Plant photo by Richard LindbergWhen I picked up this plant I planned to make it the first plant on the $5 table I am setting up. But I rushed the cleanup and damaged the new growth. Now I have to wait to see what it does over the next month or so. The roots are better than I guessed from looking at the top.

This plant is in sphagnum over peanuts in a 3-inch plastic pot. There is one pseudobulb and it stands four inches above the pot.

I am already seeing some results in my effort to clear out the greenhouse. I am starting to be able to make the benches seem less chaotic. Even without the pots coming in for the winter, the greenhouse was too crowded.


  1. I take the Cochleanthes, if you need to get rid of it!

  2. I'll send it to you for $5 plus shipping. Get my direct email and we will work it out.

  3. I didn't even know that you answered to my request! That is great I take it!
    Also is there a way of settings so that I actually get to see that you replyed to what I wrote in this blog?

    1. It might have been my fault because I didn't reply to your comment, I added another general comment.