Saturday, June 8, 2013

Laelia anceps 'Tomiko'

Laelia anceps 'Tomiko'Laelia anceps 'Tomiko'Laelia anceps 'Tomiko' - Plant photo by Richard LindbergThis morning I watered half of the hanging pots. I looked at them not only for insects and health problems but also categorized as collection, sell soon, repot and none of the above. I have three to sell and one collection plant, Laelia anceps 'Tomiko'.

This is often sold as a Laelia anceps variety and it is better know that way. Howerver, it is Schombolaelia (Schomburkia lyonsii x Laelia anceps).

The first cut is plants I don't have to think about at all. There is no doubt that I will keep this plant. Some of the ones I put back may also become part of the collection, but I want to see how many "must keep" plants I have at that point.

I have changed the status flag on the database. The next step is to modify the queries and the scripts that generate the HTML of the web pages. When that is ready I will re-build the inventory list with the collection plants separated from the main group. The way I am set up, I can make large changes like this without any hand coding. That would be a real problem with a website with as many pages as mine has.