Saturday, June 22, 2013

Mormolyca ringens

Mormolyca ringens - Flower photo by Richard LindbergMormolyca ringens - Flower photo by Richard LindbergMormolyca ringens - Plant photo by Richard LindbergMaybe I need to define my collection better. Right now I am going an a size and emotion combination. Having this Mormolyca ringens in bloom has made me wonder if I shouldn't be more precise about the criteria for being part of the collection.

Mormolyca ringens grows from Mexico down into Central America. It is warm to hot growing and does well in a basket. The plant can flower all spring and summer. The genus Mormolyca (Mlca) contains 6 small species growing in Central America and northern South America.

This plant is in bark over peanuts in a 2 1/2-inch plastic pot. There are six pseudobulbs and it stands five inches above the pot. The flower open now is the third flower from this pseudobulb.

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