Thursday, June 6, 2013

Not an Orchid

While walking with Maggie the other day the conversation turned to a topic other than the dogs. One of the ladies was planning to move and was disposing of her plants. I had already missed out on getting a BUNCH of orchids but she still had a bonsai that she wanted to have a good home.

I am old enough to have gone through a variety of horticultural interests, bonsai having been one. Long story short, I now have this tree.

Beech Tree Bonsai

It is a variety of beech. It stands fourteen inches above the 8 x 6 x 2 1/2-inch pot. She had owned it for eight years. It still has leaves developing so it should be very pretty. It will live in the outdoor growing area under 60% shadecloth.

I will certainly keep it through the summer until the leaves are gone. After that, I don't know. There is not going to be greenhouse space for over the winter.


  1. Neat. I've thought about trying bonsai, but I already have too many things to take care of...

  2. I tried bonsai early on, pre-orchid passion. I couldn't get it right. Tried pruning my own, buying them ready to go...just seemed to be too wet or too dry, not enough humidity, etc...I bet an established greenhouse would be a nice environment. Someday, I'll winterize mine. Not quite sure how to begin.

  3. It has beautiful form and love the light green foliage. I always wanted to try bonsai but not sure if they could live in zone 10 (S. Florida) outdoors with some protected shade. I may just have to try to grow one.

  4. Ficus bonsai would grow well in FL. So Bursera simaruba

  5. This beech tree will do just fine outside all winter.Put it in a spot sheltered from the wind and let it rest until spring. It doesn't need to take up any space in a greenhouse :)

  6. Thanks, Lance. I have a spot for it then.