Friday, June 28, 2013

Stanhopea grandiflora

Stanhopea grandiflora - Plant photo by Richard LindbergStanhopea grandiflora - Plant photo by Richard LindbergAbout five years ago I went through a phase of wanting more Stanhopea species so when I won a plant at the SFOS I grabbed this Stanhopea grandiflora. It was quite small and in a pot. I moved it to a basket in sphagnum. A couple of years later I moved it to a larger basket.

Stanhopea grandiflora grows in eastern South America. It is warm to hot growing and fragrant. It blooms in summer and fall. The genus Stanhopea (Stan) contains 55 species growing from Mexico, through Central America and South America.

It has never bloomed although a spike blasted in 2012. I cleaned it up and took one small natural division off the side. Now what do I do with it? It could be put back in the basket or tied to a nylon rope and suspended potless.

I am going to let someone else decide. Look for it on my eBay listings. I am sorry I won't get to see the six-inch white flower myself.

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