Monday, July 8, 2013

Phaleanopsis Taisuco Swan x Taisuco Mercy

When I saw some snail damage and found a couple of snails in the greenhouse I did not spring into action and spread some snail bait.

The plant is the one and only Phaleanopsis collection plant. It has gone from completely leafless to having three leaves. It was a long way from blooming, but at least it was a whole plant. Now it has been set back a couple of years. I doubt that it will die but still.....

This is entirely my fault. This plant has had a rough life and I want it to succeed.

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  1. oh that looks awfully familiar, damnd snails.....I used to decorate my little fountain with Phalaenopsis and over night it often happened..the snail attacks. Now my fountain stays undecporated and all phalaenopsis hang. Haven't had any problems any longer!