Friday, August 16, 2013

Another NOID Cattleya

Once this Catt has bloomed for awhile, I am going to clean it up, divide it and put it on the $5 table. I can't tell how the plant will divide while it is still in the pot. My guess is two leads and two backbulb divisions, but that is only a guess. I will accept reservations for one of each The $5 division is already taken now but they will have to wait a month before I send it out.


  1. What is meant by NOID? I have seen it a lot but do not have an understanding of what the meaning is. Thank you. Maria Palanca

    1. NOID is two words run together, "No ID", and it means that the tag is lost and the exact variety is not certain. The NOID is all capital letters to call attention to it. It loses value only for show or sale purposes, but there is nothing wrong with the plant. You are free to call it anything you want. I have one called "Mom's Favorite" because it was. I have another named after my dog.

  2. Thank you much for enlightening me what NOID meant. Now I know because of you. Also, when you have one available similar with this one, please reserve it for me. Thanks. Maria Palanca