Saturday, August 10, 2013

Phaeanopsis hybrids

I just got a group of Phaeanopsis hybrids. The four plants are quite over grown and have not been re-potted in several years. I have not taken any of them out of the pot but would be willing to bet that there are no live roots. The only roots are the ones outside the pot.

The plant in the picture has red root tips and the leaves have a red tinge. I have not seen the flower but would bet on it being purple. One of the plants still has flowers, the white ones you see here. They are very large and the cascade must have been really something.

Phals make very nice mounts. Once the crown is tipped over it make watering easier, there is no danger of crown rot. I am tempted to put one of these in a teak basket and see what happens. I have a spot with an extra layer of shade cloth where the light might be reduced enough.


  1. I grow outdoors in south Florida so crown rot is a real problem. This year I took what little remained of my phal collection and mounted them on cork tubes. They hang behind my vandas and are watered daily. I am amazed at how well they have adapted and how happy they seem! I thought I was done with phals but I've changed my mind.

  2. I love phal for their flowers last long. How do you deal with repotting them where there are no live roots at the potting medium and visible live roots are located at upper base of the plant? You clip the dead roots? Thanks. Maria Palanca

    1. Unpot and clean off all the old medium. Cut off all the dead roots and the stem those roots were growing out from. Wash the whole plant with tepid water with a little dish soap, then rinse. If you use insecticide, spray the whole plant including roots, even if you saw no bugs. When the roots are wet they are most pliable so gently bend them into a clear pot.

  3. wow...extremely beautiful...