Friday, September 20, 2013

Anacheilium cochleatum

I have started to re-configure the greenhouse for winter. Two benches have been consolidated into one, and all of those will go on the benches that are along the wall. The whole center of the greenhouse floor will be clear. I will also be moving the mounts toward the walls. The hanging pots now growing outside will fill the center.

While I was doing the moving I saw that this plant had started to bloom. It had no tag but the flower identified it. I have now tagged and cataloged it. I will also re-pot it. I might not divide it, although it is plenty large enough.

Anacheilium cochleatum var alba - Plant photo by Richard Lindberg

Anacheilium cochleatum grows from Florida to the north coast of South America. It is a medium sized epiphyte that requires even water and fertilizer throughout the year. The genus Anacheilium (Ahl) contains 59 species growing from Mexico through northern South America. These are the cockleshell orchids. They were separated from Encyclia for technical reasons.

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  1. A cloth rack like they have in warehouses to wheel the hanging plants in and out comes to my mind when reading your blog. That way the plants hang all the time and you can easily wheel them back out when the time comes.
    I love my Cochleata, she never disappoints!