Sunday, September 15, 2013

Dendrobium moschatum

Dendrobium moschatum - Flower photo by Richard LindbergDendrobium moschatum - Flower photo by Richard LindbergOld Dendrobium moschatum cane looks dead but has bloomed four times, once each yearI got this Dendrobium moschatum in 2007 from a grower who was down-sizing. This was during my "mount everything" phase. I built and industrial strength mount.

Dendrobium moschatum grows in Southeast Asia at low altitudes. It is cool to hot growing, needs bright light and is fragrant. It blooms spring into summer on leafless canes. Flowers last only a few days.

The plant survived but what I would call good growing. It put out new growth and bloomed but sprawled all over and became a huge space problem. I have been thinking about taking it off the mount for two years and have finally done it.


  1. You can tell it all depends on the general conditions in the individual growing area. We grow those in a basket with no or almost no medium at all.

  2. Under no circumstance should you bury the rhizome of dendrobiums under the media. They will easily rot that way