Saturday, October 12, 2013

Bug Spray

I made a batch of bug spray. This is what I use on visible bugs. It is safe for use on the whole plant except flowers and is quite effective. That is not to say I don't have to use the Ortho once in awhile, but for the most part it cleans the plant quite well.

The formula is a simple one. Two full bottles of isopropyl alcohol, one cap full of Formula 409 concentrate and an empty bottle.

Pour the capfull of Formula 409 into the empty bottle then add some alcohol and shake to mix it well. Then pour back and forth with the remaining alcohol until all three bottles are the same pink color and 2/3 full. Then top them off with water and shake again.

Click to read about MaggieI minimize "real" poison use, not only on general principles but because I have the cutest dog in the world and I don't want her harmed. Most of the work is done with a systemic that works really well when plants are growing. It is weak plants that get enough bugs to need to the stronger direct Ortho spray.

I put the mix in a spray bottle and apply using a fine spray. I wash off any visible bug bodies and spray again all over the plant. Usually that will do the job, but sometimes an inspection after a week will show I didn't get them all and I have to repeat.

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