Monday, October 14, 2013

More about my orchids in winter

During the summer I hardly look at the seven day forecast. The only thing to worry about is the occasional day where the temperature is above 95. In October I check it every day. The outdoor growing season will end when the night temperature goes below 40. According to forecast, I still have seven days of outdoor growing, but that could change suddenly.

I plan to have all my outdoor plants except the Laelia anceps and purpurata in the greenhouse by October 20th. Once that is done, if I can find space those will go in also. I lost a lot of plants winter before last leaving them out.

The greenhouse has been completely reconfigured. The benches along the north and west walls remain but all the other benches are out. The mounts are now as compact as possible along the north wall, the south wall and a line down the center. The ceiling space is now ready for the hanging pots. I hope there is enough room.

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