Sunday, October 20, 2013

Orchid Seasonal Changes

Here is my outdoor growing area, at least the main area where I had the hanging pots all summer. The pots are now all in the greenhouse.

My outdoor growing area

The weather forecast is for seven more days of good weather, that is the low is above 40 and the high is in the upper half of the 70s. I still have about 30 3-inch pots to move and then I will be ready for winter.

Hanging pots in the greenhouse

When I put the pots inside I packed them as tight as possible. Now that they are all in and there is still some space, I will improve the spacing a little so as not to restrict the air flow as much. The pots are forming a layer between the top and bottom of the greenhouse. I will keep an eye on the thermometers I have placed around to see how much difference there is.


  1. This is an interesting blog.

    I have about 17Orchids most in my conservatory window sill and I so thrilled getting rebloom bud spikes.
    I think I may need to move them as temps at night now are starting to drop.
    Do you have a form of heat where your Orchids hang?

    1. The outdoor area is not heated. As long as the nighttime low is above 40 it is warm enough for Catts and Catt hybrids, Encyclia and a few other orchids that are there.

      The greenhouse is heated with a Southern Burner. I have found it to be very good at distributing heat, aided by three fans.

  2. What a lot of work, but what a great reward!

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