Friday, October 11, 2013

Trust But Verify

I sold a plant a couple of years ago and the buyer just sent me a flower picture. It is a very pretty flower and one I didn't have a picture of since none of my divisions has bloomed. The plant is a very vigorous grower and very compact. I have sheaths so I may get flowers this year also.

There is a problem, however. The tag says it is a Cattleya loddigesii, but if you look at the flower picture of that species you will see there is no resemblance at all. THE TAG IS WRONG.

I have been burned by trusting tags on plants I got from other collectors or member sales tables. I made a rule for myself to always see the flower from one of these before selling it. I broke that rule on this sale.

I would like to say "lesson learned" and I hope it is true. I don't sell all that many plants and I want everybody who buys on to be a satisfied customer.

Does this flower look like one of your plants? It has a distinctive look to it and I hope someone will recognize it.


  1. Looks like a maxima by the yellow strip in the lip.

  2. Yes, I agree - C. maxima - the yellow stripe in the middle of the lip is unique. And it is probably the highland or upland variation as this has more compact growth and darker flower pigment than the lowland variation. However, C. maxima usually has more pronounced veination in the lip, so it also might be a cross between C. maxima and something unknown. Very pretty! TedM