Monday, July 27, 2015

Cymbidium Black Gold

Cymbidium Black Gold - Plant photo by Richard Lindberg

The Napa Valley Orchid Society has come and gone. Almost all the orchids are gone. The left just a few and so I am moving on with a collection of about a dozen plants pulled out of the trash.

The plant in the best condition is this Cymbidium hybrid. It is a very well known variety first awarded in 1966. The problem is the name which is a bit insensitive. I am never going to sell it, so I am renaming it 'Black Gold' taken from the awarded name.

Cymbidium Black Gold - Flower photo by Richard Lindberg

The flowers are small and a very deep red that appears almost black. This variety needs a very hard dry winter to bloom.


  1. Welcome back. You were missed. Looking forward to your posts.

  2. Hope everything is well. You have been missed. looking forward to your insight on growing orchids.

  3. Welcome back, I have missed your posts! I'm fortunate to have one of these in my collection. For what it's worth, I think the name is only problematic for those of us who are older. I haven't met anyone under 50 who has any idea!

  4. Good to hear you're back! I purchased a Laelia anceps Boulder Valley from you about 6 years ago. It grew well for awhile but then later it looked like it quit on me. After cutting the rotten roots off, dividing it and giving them more lights and fertilizer, the plants have taken off better than ever. Can you give tips on what to do with them over the winter? I just don't want them to quit on me again. Thanks.

    1. The plants start to go dormant sooner than I realized. Even if the weather seems to still be warm, the plant is using less water. We should already be cutting back sharply on watering.